Uganda: Three boys embarrassed on talent show for ‘body odor’ gets help

Three talented boys who identify themselves as The Real Dance Crew has been trending in Uganda for couple of days now following their unfortunate encounter during a talent show themed “Yolesa Ekitone.”

The three rehearsed for the show which is basically a platform for these young ones to exhibit their talents; however, they were embarrassed mainly by one of the hosts who is a veteran actor and musician, Mr. Alex Mukulu, supported by the cohosts on the show with laughter.

After a hefty performance by the dancers, Mukulu who took his turn to judge their performance diverted totally from the substance which is a focus on their talent, to rather accuse the three of body odor, embarrassing them on national Television.

He has been criticized by Ugandans on social media; some of the critics hold the view that the host should have acted maturely by first, judging their performance and then offer them good advice off-camera since the open embarrassment will demotivate them.

Buy Me A Coffee

Fortunately for The Real Dance Crew, what was meant to be an embarrassment has so far turned into a blessing. Ever since the incident occurred, they have received massive support from the good people of Uganda.

Whilst some people make donations in cash to support the further development of their talent, others are supporting in kind. They have received numerous gifts including support by brands like imperial leather, as well as free services that will put them in good shape to kick-start a whole new era.

Currently, one of Uganda’s finest musicians, Bruno K UG who is mainly spearheading the campaign has pledged support in terms of a paid feature in his music videos whilst Faridah Nakazibwe, a Journalist has also provided a platform to help give them the necessary exposure.

So far, the boys are rebuilding confidence towards their dream of becoming one of the world’s best dance crews ever. This is an interesting story and we will keep a close eye on their development and provide updates. Stay glued to EYEGAMBIA!

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