Ugandan authorities deport South African singer, Yvonne Chaka Chaka

Reports indicate that, Legendary South African anti-apartheid campaigner and musician, Yvonne Chaka Chaka was deported from Uganda after she was invited by Abitex promotions to perform at an end of year concert in Kampala.

The musician heaped loads of praises on the controversial political activist and leader of the “people power” movement since her arrival in the country. Yvonne referred to Bobi Wine on several occasions as the new Mandela. Her praises according to those who are against her deportation was deemed an affront to the government considering their long feud with the activist.

The Ugandan police have however disagreed with the critics. Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga cited a different reason for her deportation. According to him, the musician did not enter the country with a work permit but an ordinary visa hence her deportation by the authorities.

Other sources stated that, aside her association with Bobi Wine, the South African singer was deported because she rejected a demand to distance herself from political comments on the platform of the concert she was billed to perform. According to sources, her hotel was raided by securities after her visa got cancelled. She was escorted by the police to the airport to take her flight back home.

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