Ugandan guards are being used to control Iraqi protesters

The looming war between the United States of America (USA) and Iran seems to be building up gradually. The current strike and daring statements from top Iranian officials following the death of soleimani and the bold threats from Donald Trump could surely degenerate into something serious.

Our worry is the direct involvement of Africans in a war they have no hand in. According to the Daily Monitor, 500 Ugandan security guards were seen in a video playing lead roles in attempts to prevent Iraqi protestors from attacking the US embassy. They were seen standing at the entrance of the embassy as the demonstrators smash the outer wall.

Initially, they were mistaken as US marine officials but Mr. Alex Plitsas, an American journalist and former soldier, who twice served in Iraq gave a clarification on their identities.

He stated that, “these are not US Marine Embassy Guards. These are armed security guards contracted by the State Department who have staffed the embassy for the last 10+ years. Most of them are Ugandan nationals,”.

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Mr Alex Plitsas is not far from the truth. A Bloomberg report published in May 2016 highlighted how mercenaries were becoming Uganda’s top export. According to the report, these armed guards are recruited by security agencies, trained and exported to foreign organizations in need of their services. In Iraq, Ugandan guards protect U.S. diplomats in Baghdad and Basra. They also guard businessmen and aid workers in Afghanistan”.

The agitation from the Iraqi protestors was triggered by a US Air-Strikes that killed 25 fighters under the Iranian-backed force, the Kataib Hezbollah militia, in western Iraq and eastern Syria.

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