Ugandan man seeks approval to test his locally made Missile

A 33-year old Ugandan man identified as Anatoli Kiiza has been locked in a back and forth with the government for over five years now, pushing for approval to test his locally made missile.

The young man who resides in Kiryangobe earlier told reporters that, apart from the missile, he could equally produce a rocket launcher. “I have manufactured and upgraded a missile. I can also manufacture a rocket launcher,” Kiiza said.

In the beginning of the year 2021, he called on the government once more to grant him the legal permission to test the missile on lake albert. “I only need four days when everyone is not on the Lake and I test the weapons” he stated. However, authorities are of the view that the said lake is shared with the DRC, hence the difficulty in granting such request.

Man in Hoima asks government to authorize him to test locally made missile  – 93.3 KFM
Anatoli Kiiza

For five years now, his eagerness to test these weapons has proven futile, at worst, he got arrested on several counts. In one encounter with the police, Kiiza explained how he developed such love for weapons.

“While still a child, I assembled a homemade bomb and went to test it at a river. I exploded and injured my right leg. Villagers got concerned and reported me to the LCI. My mother cautioned me against making such dangerous materials,” he told the officers. 

The country’s State Minister for Internal Affairs, Obiba Ogania however said that the restriction is temporary and the government could consider granting him the needed permission in the future. “First of all, we encourage him…I’m sure if the military has stopped him for the time being, it’s temporary. It’s just for the purpose of fulfilling those protocols. And sooner or later, if it is true, you will see the product being appropriately tested.” the minister told UBC Television

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