UK pedophiles disguised as philanthropist only to sexually abuse poor African children

Evidence and findings of recent studies indicate that sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation of children in Africa is a growing phenomenon across the continent in the face of sex tourism.

This sexual abuse and exploitation of children in Africa by British and other European tourists who disguised themselves as philanthropists or friends of the family, under weak laws and poor child protection mechanisms across the continent, continue to damage what supposed to be the cream of the continent.

Tourism contributes immensely to the economy of the continent. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, “Travel & Tourism contributed $194.2 billion to the region’s [Africa’s] economy, representing 8.5% of the continent’s GDP. The sector contributed 24.3 million African jobs or 6.7% of total employment. 71% of tourism spending across Africa was leisure-driven and 29% business.”

To this end, most economies of African states to a considerable percentage rely on tourism as a key source of income. In The Gambia, tourism amounted to almost 20% of total GDP but it has also exposed some young Gambians and other West African nationals residing in The Gambia to prostitution and homosexual encounters in exchange for cash – some got infected with HIV as a result. The local authorities are not doing enough to tackle these negative externalities of tourism.

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In addition to the above mentioned, many African states are being targeted by Western pedophiles who are exploiting both the poverty and lax law enforcement to abuse children. Several reports have recently pointed to this heinous crime.

 A tourist wades into the sea with a small African child in The Gambia - where child sex abuse is rife

There are many factors that contribute to making African Children vulnerable to abuse by these sick British and other European pedophiles. Poverty has being underline as a major contributing factor, coupled with poor law enforcement, and the culture of sexual taboo on the continent. Consequently, children who fell prey to these pedophiles found it difficult to first-report the matter to their parents or guardians.

Sexual abuses of children are a rare activity in some modest African societies such as The Gambia. Thus, some parents naturally find it absolutely normal for “adults” who have a friendly relationship with the family, especially “tourists” to move about with their children without the supervision of an adult family member. Sometimes these tourists can be seen moving with local children on beaches, hotels, and restaurants. Sick European pedophiles who have the ignoble agenda of sexually exploiting children take advantage of this hospitable nature of Africans, to execute their agenda.

Perhaps the biggest underlined cause of child abuse is poverty.  European pedophiles very often approach families of poor vulnerable children and offer to assist them in a form of sponsorship, and with the assumption that these tourists are good Samaritans. The high level of trust they hold for these tourists coupled with some ounce of naivety tends to prevent some parents from recognizing the true intention of these sexual predators.

Recently, a British tabloid reported that “Tragic Gambian children are being sold to British pedophiles for as little as 2 British pounds sterling by their desperate parents.” This report grossly lacks ample facts to support the misconception that Gambian parents are in fact knowingly selling their children to the European predators. As the story suggests, the British reporter seems to have concluded his story just by taking some pictures of old white men walking around the hotel areas with local children. Instead of interviewing at least one or two affected families, the reporter only interviewed one Lamin Fatty to came to the conclusion that parents are selling their children.

 Two school-age girls play at the feet of two men, their mums nowhere in sight

There is no denying that European pedophiles are operating in The Gambia but equally blaming the parents as culprits – is nothing but an attempt to tarnish the image of The Gambia at a time when Afro-brits are relocating back to their ancestral land. These parents are victims of their own naivety and the only people to blame here are the European criminals and local authorities.

The National Crime Agency of Briton said the people who are sexually interested in children maybe seven times higher than previously thought

Estimates previously had put the number of Britons with a sexual interest in children at around 20,000; one unpublished estimate, which law enforcement did not seek to rely on put the number at 40,000 adults.

Most of these European predators descend to Africa during the summer, to prey on vulnerable African children.

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