US army base in Kenya attacked

A statement from the Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) on Sunday morning revealed that “at around, 5:30 am an attack was launched in Manda Air Strip by Al-Shabab fighters.”

Manda Air Strip, in Lamu County, is used by US and Kenyan military personnel in the East African State.

“The attempted breach was successfully repulsed. Four terrorist bodies have so far been found. The airstrip is safe,” the statement contained.

The attack came following the killing of top Iran army general few days ago. It remains to be determined if the attacked is in any way connected to the ongoing rift between US and Iran.

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The attack has also being confirmed by the US military command for Africa, AFRICOM in a statement.

“U.S. Africa Command acknowledges there was an attack at Manda Bay Airfield, Kenya and is monitoring the situation. Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the incident. As facts and details emerge, we will provide an update.”

The terrorist group al-Shabab, who were first to release a statement claimed the attack caused “severe casualties on both American and Kenyan troops stationed there.”

“The Mujahideen fighters covertly entered enemy lines, successfully stormed the heavily fortified military base and have now taken effective control of a part of the base,” The group claimed.

The terrorist group is active between Kenya and Somalia.

The increasing presence of foreign military bases on the continent of Africa by foreign powers has raised many questions. The security, economic, and political interests of some nations have been forwarded as the motives behind such a move.

Kenya is among the few former British colonies (if not the only one) who host foreign military bases. It hosts the ‘British Arm Training Unit Kenya’. This came to be through a Defence Cooperation Agreement between Kenya and the UK that allowed up to 10,000 British Service Personnel per year to be deployed in Kenya for a military exercise. There was, however, a diplomatic dispute regarding the agreement in 2013 toward 2015.

Kenya gained independence from the United Kingdom on 12 December 1963. It is one of the economic giants of East Africa.


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