US government declares Guinea-Bissau’s former army chief wanted, offers $5m reward

The United States government has declared wanted, Guinea-Bissau’s former head of armed forces and one-time coup leader, General Antonio Indjai with a $5 million reward announced for anyone who will provide reliable information leading to his arrest.

According to a 2013 indictment report, a secret agent from the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was set to investigate the supposed dealings of the former general.

Indjai was accused of being guilty of narcoterrorism conspiracy, conspiracy to import cocaine, among other charges on grounds that, he agreed in principle with the DEA agent to receive and store cocaine purportedly owned by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

A state department claimed, “Indjai was seen as one of the most powerful destabilizing figures in Guinea-Bissau, operating freely throughout West Africa, using illegal proceeds to corrupt and destabilize other foreign governments and undermine the rule of law throughout the region.”

It would be recalled that, when the controversial election in the western African country ended in a runoff which the country was preparing for, Antonio Indjai, the then army chief staged a coup to cease power just two weeks to the date scheduled for reelection.

The Western African country was governed by a transitional council until the May 2014 election in which José Mario Vaz won as president and later fired Indjai as the army chief. The former general has since been on a travel ban by the United Nations since the May 2012 coup d’état.

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