US Senator advises Biden to discuss Kenya’s heavy debt to China and deep corruption as Uhuru visits White house

In wake of  Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta’s visit to US President, Joe Biden, a US senator representing Idaho, Jim Risch, called on Biden to agenda the visit to fight against political violence, rising debt and corruption. The meeting is expected to cover areas of human rights, economic growth and sustainable democracy as Kenya is gearing up for her election next year. The ever-growing discussion on climate change and security will not be left out.

The Republican senator, who belongs to the Foreign Relations committee said the meetings of the two presidents should be hinged on problems facing the East African country as well as the security problems with Kenya’s neighboring country, Ethiopia.

In his words, he stated, ‘I remain concerned, however, about deep government corruption, ongoing incidents of intercommunal violence in several parts of the country and increasing debt to China.’ Kenya, heavily indebted to China has become a major concern as it’s level of corruption is still high.

Risch went on to say, ‘Kenya is also preparing for a contentious election with a potentially violent ethnic dimension in 2022.’

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The meeting which took place involved discussion on bilateral relationship between the two countries as well as the need to ‘bring transparency and accountability to domestic and international financial systems.’ Said Jen Psaki White House press secretary. 

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