US state of Arkansas passes bill to ban sex-change medical access for minors

The US state of Arkansas is the first state to pass a bill prohibiting  medical practitioners from providing gender affirming medical care to transgender minors. The bill  passed 28-7 on monday by the state’s senate house.

The bill would prohibits doctors from providing hormones treatment and surgery to minors vying to change their sex by choice. Feminizing hormone therapy is used during the transitioning process of a boy child into becoming trangender female by decreasing natural testosterone productions. 

The bill is yet to be signed by the republic governor of the state and if signed, the bill would take effect in the summer of 2021. However, LGBTQIA+ advocacy groups and child welfare organizations have criticized the bill. A recent study shows that 50 percent of US millennials now identify as LGBQTIA+.

In recent times, African countries are under immense pressure from western organization and governments to legalization LGBTQIA+ in their various countries. Many African social and political commentators speak  against such imposition on arguments that are not motivated by any form of ‘phobia’ but on the realities of African societies.

 Female Circumcision versus Sex-Change among minors

Over years, many African countries banned Female Circumcision on the basis of health, children’s right plus many others. The campaign against Female Circumcision were fully supported by human right groups and eventually became a huge success. Not only parents and doctors were prohibited from subjecting a girl child to  circumcision but the ban was also extended to grown women in some countries. The Seralonean first lady was widely criticized by western media for saying that she doesn’t have a problem with grown women who want to undergo circumcision.

Many Africans would argue that promoting sex-change among minors under the human right banner defeats the purpose of the campaign against female circumcision on the basis of health and child-right infringement. 

There are multiple serious risk associated with sex change. A study indicates that 44 percent of African-American transgenders women are living with HIV. The transitioning process itself is associated with compounding risks. A report by The Trevor Project revealed that LGBTQ youths in the US are 4 to 6 times more likely to result in injury, poising, or overdose compared to straight individuals. 

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