Viral Water hawker who gave prisoners money gets rewarded in cash

A Nigerian hawker has become much richer in only couple of hours after his deed of kindness was captured in camera and circulated widely online.

A viral video in which the bottle water hawker was seen handing his personal money over to prisoners who were being conveyed in a Nigerian Correctional Service vehicle has melted the hearts of many people.

In a follow-up report, it was revealed that his student account has been flagged as a result of the amount of money that rushed into it from benevolent people within an hour.

Commenting on the issue, a source says, ”I can’t put a figure to how much we have raised yet cos I guess his account was flagged at about 1pm today immediately he hit 317k cos it’s a student account.”

In a recent interview, the young man stated that what he did was just a random act of kindness and there was no motivation or inspiration behind it. He also admitted that he didn’t have so much but he was considerate of the prisoners who did not have the kind of freedom he enjoys despite he is only a low-income earner.

He revealed he initially gave a N100 to just one prisoner but he was moved to share more money in had in his hands when other prisoners who were in the bus also cried for help.

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