WAEC 2020: Out of the 465 West African students who scored 8As, 411 are Ghanaians

Ghana has made history in the 2020 West African Examination as the statistics shows that, out of a total number of 465 students who scored 8As, 411 of them were Ghanaian students; an achievement which was celebrated by the President and educational authorities in the country.

WAEC examination which is considered one of the toughest high school exams in the world is organized by an established objective council to cover schools in west Africa. Due to its tough nature, many students fail to pass and enter the tertiary. At the same time, candidates who manage to pass this examination ends up doing well in most cases when they find their ways into Western other Universities.

The mass failure of the examination is not news as the West African region has seen such over the period; in 2018 for instance, Nigeria which has relatively large representing candidates identified the mass failure as a major problem. The then Minister of Education, Adamu, called for the declaration of a state of emergency in the educational sector whilst the senate equally intervened with a committee formed to investigate the crisis but the problem seem to persist.

A research into the poor performance over the years revealed problems that emanate from multi-dimensions. On the part of the government, researchers including one Aina Jacob Kola found out that, teachers are not well paid. Additionally, the findings indicated that, other work conditions are equally not conducive to motivate them for good performance.

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Teachers were also cited for low self-efficacy which ends up affecting their performance. Also, some teachers are said to approach teaching with same method mindset that, every student is supposed to be smart in response to such methods, cutting out unique students who develop at their own pace. Factors such as student’s refusal to study plus parental control and others were equally highlighted as contributory factors.

In recent years, Ghana has taken certain measures to open access to high school education; the country currently operates a free education system which allows the economically disadvantaged whom hitherto would drop out of school to also enroll successfully.

A thorough assessment of the Free Senior High School policy however revealed certain shortcomings such as, infrastructural inadequacies resulting in overpopulation which was tackled with double-tracking among other issues. Nevertheless, the country has remained one of the best, if not the best in the WAEC examination over the years.

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