Wakanda City will be built across Africa; not only Senegal – Akon

When Senegalese-American superstar and philanthropist Aliaume Damala, with stage name Akon, announced his plan to commence the construction of a futuristic city in His homeland Senegal, some people embraced the idea and touted it as visionary whilst others criticized his choice of country for the project; to these people, Akon has chosen Senegal because he originates from there. 

The musician has clarified issues regarding the project in an exclusive interview with TMZ; According to him, the planned project is not only going to take place in Senegal as thought by many; rather, it is a continent-wide project with his home country being the starting point.

“I was able to accumulate a group of friends that I was able to raise money with to actually build the city out of many throughout Africa starting with Senegal,” he said during the interview. 

Akon also disclosed on the show that he wanted to do something that will benefit the general populace so the decision is to start the city with the construction of a hospital. He added that the Wakanda city hospital will be one of the biggest in West Africa and will also solve the issue of medical tourism across Africa. “Instead of traveling to Europe for medical treatment, you can just fly directly into Senegal” he added.

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He further added that apart from the health facility which will form part of phase one, there will also be private aircraft landing fields to facilitate movement, among other relevant structures.

The Philanthropist admitted that the whole idea portrayed by the famous Wakanda movie motivated him a lot even though he already had similar plans in mind to project Africa before the release of the movie. He equally stated that the said movie has changed the narrative about the continent and its future.

“It is actually amazing especially for what Wakanda as a film did for Africa itself from a brand new standpoint; before then, it (Africa) was a bit jungle, lot of war-torn countries… that people have the vision of but this movie literally made an idea of what Africa really be and what it will look like for the future. It is ironical that I was already working on it before the movie actually came out but I will definitely say it was something that helped me a lot from a big way from a standpoint of trying to explain to people what I am actually building” he stated

A land area of 2000 acres has been earmarked by the Senegalese President Macky Sall at Dakar for the project to be situated; the government has equally recognized Akon City as a special tax zone with planned tax breaks to encourage investors. In addition, the state tourism agency SAPCO will be taxed to fit the City into the country’s tourism vision.

Wakanda City will operate a cryptocurrency called AKOIN. The musician stated in an earlier interview that, the said currency will cover all the 54 states of Africa, unlike the initial thoughts. He added that the currency forms a part of a larger ecosystem that comprises of AKOIN tokens, AKOIN digital wallet, integrated and decentralized crypto apps.

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