We export oil and gas to Italy, yet we have blackouts here – Gaddafi’s son speaks on Libya’s crises

Following the death of Col. Muammar Qaddafi, not much has been heard of Seif el-Qaddafi, his second son. However, a recent publication revealed that Seif is alive, highly pained by the situation in Libya, and has hinted of a possible bid for the Presidency.

The New York Times reported that Seif al-Islam el-Qaddafi had a meeting with a foreign journalist for the first time in a decade and he “hinted at a bid for Libya’s presidency.”

In that interview, Seif bemoans the devastated state of the country after the death of his father. He does not understand why his country which constantly supplies oil and gas to Italy is struggling with power back home.

“There’s no money, no security. There’s no life here. Go to the gas station, there’s no diesel. We export oil and gas to Italy. we’re lighting half of Italy and we have blackouts here. It’s more than a failure. It’s a fiasco.” He reportedly lamented.

When questioned on his political career, Seif seemed not to be in a haste to do anything. He believes in taking his time to build his way back into the hearts of the people. “I’ve been away from the Libyan people for 10 years, You need to come back slowly, slowly. Like a striptease.” He said.

The Northern African country was plunged into total mess after the Obama administration assisted in taking down the then revolutionary leader, Muammar Gaddafi and his son was taken into captivity.

According to the New York Times, seif was later taken by “an independent-minded brigade that guarded him against other rebel factions and flew him to Zintan, their home region in the mountains southwest of the capital,” at the height of the crackdown in Libya.

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