We have been equipped with skills and ethos to leap Africa forward – Ousman Touray

Ousman Touray, the young Pan-Africanist who made headlines last year after a video of him passionately expressing an optimistic vision about Africa and the potentials of the continent has left a very impactful message following his graduation from the University of The Gambia. 

 In a message which reflects an advice to his colleagues, an appreciation of the knowledge acquired and the Gambian educational system, Ousman shared the following write-up with EYEGAMBIA:

 “We walk out more resilient, cultured, witty and gritty. We have been developed into global citizens that are able to thrive, in the diversely changing world; able to critically examine ourselves, our beliefs and traditions and as well stand out to recognize the connection we have with the rest of the world.  

The traits of humanity that have been cultivated in us will indelibly and remarkably facilitate the re-configuring and consolidating of Africa into a more dynamic, and progressive continent. 

We have been affirmed, equipped with essential skills, and ethos, and above all galvanized to lead action, and leap Africa forward. 

 It’s been a confluence of efforts, sacrifices, by our parents, our sponsors, our mentors and our lecturers. You’ve exuded a passion to shape us into the best versions of ourselves. Your efforts are invaluable, immeasurable, and thankfully appreciated. 

 Fellow graduates, it’s our time, the time to go into the real world. We shall fall a hundred times in our attempt to create sustainable positive change, but we should be inspired to trudge on, and rise up a million more times. We should press on until we actualize the world we aspire to inspire!” 

Upon his rise to fame last year, Ousman was offered a scholarship by a Canadian based African organization to pursue a master’s degree in different western countries but he opted to school in Rwanda instead.  

“I had option that is to choose to study in the United States, Canada or in London. So I turned it down because what I saw and what I really want is not in those countries. What I want is in Rwanda and that is a transformation that is going on.” Ousman said in an interview. 

According to the young promising leader, Africa needs an African model to solve its problems instead of borrowing blindly from western models. He is expected to proceed with his education by studying MA in Development studies in the Rwanda National University.

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