We should have done more for Libya- Museveni

Speaking after the UK-Africa Investment summit in London, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, said African nations should have done more to protect Libia from the foreign military intervention that led to the toppling and killing of former president Ghadaffi, since then.

Libia has been a war state with several armed groups taking advantage of the instability in the country.

The event was hosted by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who told the attending 16 African heads of state that the continent is the future of trade and business and that the UK was keen to play an important role in developing Africa’s potentials. Mr. Johnson also met the Ugandan President and spoke of the UK’s commitment to invest in Uganda and his desire to see their trade relationship “go up a gear.” But it wasn’t all about business and trade.

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Museveni travels to London for UK-Africa summit

Speaking to the BBC after the summit, the Ugandan leader expressed some strong opinions on how western involvement had changed the political landscape of Africa over the years.

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