‘We’re not giving up on the Sahel;’ EU declares new commitments as it refuses to leave the region

The European Union has declared that, it will not leave the Sahel despite growing campaign for foreign troops to be withdrawn from the region. News of the new commitments was made public by the EU’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell.

“The Sahel remains a priority. We’re not giving up on the Sahel, far from it. We want to commit even more to that region,” he said.

However, due to open demand by Mali’s military administration for certain EU member states, especially France which they have recently asked to “withdraw without delay,” the EU said it will halt its activities in the country.

The decision to leave Mali was also premised on claims that, the Junta decided to contract the services of Russia’s Wagner group to help fight insecurity in the country against warnings from the European Union.

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“We have decided to suspend, to stop, certain formations of our training mission in Mali focused on the units of the armed forces of the Malian national guard,” Borrell said.

He added that, “There are not enough security guarantees from the Malian authorities over the non-interference of the well-known Wagner Group.”

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