Western Media’s Propaganda against Paul Kagame Deepens

Widely seen as the new face of Pan African leadership, Paul Kagame of Rwanda continues to face burly criticism of human rights violations by the western media, in what is widely seen by Africans and his sympathizers as a campaign designed to tint the image of the visionary Rwandan Leader.

His role in the infamous Rwandan genocide remains a keen area of interest for the Western Media (even though he helped to bring the genocide to an end at a time when entire world ignored) who mostly circumvent the immense progress registered by Rwanda under the leadership of Kagame since the aftermath of the genocide in 1994.

Paul Kagame became president of Rwanda in 2000, and since then gained lot of influence on the continent. He is currently serving a year term as the chairperson of the African Union.

One of the accusations constantly levied against him is that he hates the media. Reporters Without Borders refer to him as a “predator”. They accused him of killing journalists and forcing many to flee the country. He is also accused of suppressing the opposition and ordering the assassination of critics. It, however, remains to be proven.

Despite these publications, Kagame remains to be seen as a genius visionary ‘military’ leader by many in the continent, who saw him as model for the wider progress of the continent.

His respect and campaign for women’s rights have given him a key liking among women activists across the globe; in fact, women constitute 61% of the parliament of Rwanda, the leading record in the world.

From energy, education, technology, infrastructure, health care, and all other sectors in Rwanda have been transformed in unprecedented comportment, the world has never predicted.

However, the Western media has turned a blind eye to all the progress of Rwanda; instead, the campaign against Kagame is given the attention.

In a recent interview with France 24, Kagame accused the Western Media of hypocrisy stressing, that the West has no monopoly to define human rights and must not assume such responsibility. “You need to stop this superiority complex nonsense about human rights. You think you are the only ones who respect human rights, while for others it’s about violating human rights.” He told Catherine Nicholson who earlier questioned on the human right record Kagame.

Paul Kagame’s popularity remains unshaken across the continent; especially among the youthful populations who saw him as the type of leader the continent needs, despite series of attempts to paint him otherwise.

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