What is the new form of colonialism in Africa?

The Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 gave African lands away to seven European brothers: British, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish and Belgian.

Berlin Conference created subtle and forceful take over of Africa to assuage European long loss from the 1789 revolution in France through various wars and crises in the 19th century Europe.

After one-hundred-and-thirty-five years without any significant adjustments to artificial boundaries, except in a few instances; after many decades of annexation; and after many decades of direct colonial intervention in Africa, which was later resisted followed by independence; one would have thought, Africa and Africans are free FOR LIFE.

However, the reverse is the case; instead of freedom, Africa still in chain; instead of independence, Africa still in shackles; instead of self-determination, control comes from western capitals-London, Paris, Rome/Vatican, Berlin, Brussels; decisions on Africa come from powerful sources, more brutal than what happened in colonial days.

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In light of this development, a new form colonialism at present going on in Africa.

While the yesterday seven European brothers still keep tabs on Africa, new forces have joined; they include:

  1. Chinese
  2. International Financial Institutions from Euro-American world.
  3. Strong Military establishments from Euro-American world.
  4. Transnational Media Organizations from Western world promoting cultural warfare very alien to Africa
  5. Entertainment Industry, including fashion and body care industries leading a new double personality war in Africa.
  6. Technology and Social Media promoting culture shift.

These new forces have joined hands with old horses to perpetuate old colonialism in a more subtle, but socially, economically and politically destructive manner in Africa.

Unfortunately, the new African colonialism has come in these forms

Economic Colonialism: During and after colonization of Africa, Africa has been the major source of Euro-American sources of raw materials to feed their industry. From mineral resources to agricultural products, Africa provide; among the products are cocoa, coffee, tea, timber, gold, silver, tin, silver, platinum, bauxite, limestone, diamonds, gemstone. The need for these items getting bigger by the day as new economic powers-Asia world look toward Africa. Just as Europe want Africa, so is Asia. Another partition from the two economic blocs has turned Africa into a newly colonized continent, with old and new power lords scramble to repossess Africa.

Financial Burden: western nations’ financial institutions, especially the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IFC), International Finance Corporation (IFC); European Bank, Chinese Neximbank; Arab Bank, have turned Africa into Automated Tellers Machine (ATM) in the name of economic development and assistance. Aids, grants, loans, without any economic usefulness, have been placed upon Africa. These aids, grants, loans, are so structured to create the physical presence of lenders in Africa; a ploy or backdoor arrangement to repossess and to dispossess Africa of its wealth.

New Western Culture of sexuality and gender identity: For more than two decades now, the western world has been hit by new waves of sexual orientation, which is, who is one attracted to or want to have relationships with. This includes gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual and asexual. The definition of new sexuality as of today is, Who you feel drawn to romantically, emotionally, and sexually. Closely related, but somehow different in perception and view is the gender identity, which is not about sexual attraction, but rather, who you’re-male, female or transgender. It means, being a transgender, you have been wrongly assigned a gender at birth, different from what you think, you’re. Unfortunately, Africa and Africans are now drown in this web of social dislocation, by means of education, economics of LGBTQ now propagated by World Bank, IMF, Rights groups and advocates.

Military Bases: with the demise of Union of Soviet Socialists Republics (USSR) in the mid-nineties; mankind thought peace had finally arrived, cold war is dead. Unfortunately, it is far from the truth; from the 1990s to date, more wars had been fought, and more worrisome is the hydra-headed terrorism menace, that has made western nations carry wars to different lands and establishing military bases in regions relatively peaceful in the past. Today, Africa is gradually been recolonize through military bases established by the US, France, Britain and perhaps Germany. In fact, there are many American military bases in Africa than in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. There are more French soldiers in French territories than in colonial days; in fact, this development is very troubling, because the presence of foreign militaries create more political instability; and more so, the underlying reason is to repossess Africa.

The Technology of Social Media: social media has opened the world. Marshall Mcluhan once spoke about global village; today, social media has changed the global village to a neighborhood. Within the neighborhood is Africa and others. Unfortunately, Africa has no control over the global highway of social media. America has control, Europe has control, China has control, India has control, Australia has control, but not Africa, which means, Africa is at the mercy of multinational media empire from western nations. While Euro-American may choose or decide what they want because they own and control both the technology and media content. Not with Africa.

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