Why are South Koreans not going round the world looking for Jobs? – Museveni asked Ugandans

Uganda’s long serving President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has asked his citizens a controversial question during his presentation on the International Labor Day at the State house. The president who seemed stunned by the achievements of South Koreans over the years in terms of labor, sought to know what worked out for them.

“You see so many Bangladeshis and Filipinos abroad but I have never seen South Korea exporting labor. It is about 2.4 times smaller than Uganda but with a bigger population but you don’t see them roaming around the world looking for jobs. What did they do?” President Museveni asked.

Response to this question is so far not favorable. According to our assessment, the President has attracted a lot of criticisms on local media platforms since yesterday. Some Ugandans who offered opinions on the his question held the view that, the difference between His government and that of South Korea in terms of job creation and labor achievements is widespread corruption and bad leadership.

Museveni’s May day address however focused mainly on plans to take advantage of the agricultural sector to resolve the longstanding problem of youth unemployment in the country. 

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The President stated in a follow-up tweet that, “the bigger part of my address was on how we intend to create more jobs through commercial agriculture, lower the cost of electricity for production and consolidate markets”

Highlighting his plans in the sector of labor, Museveni revealed that, he has launched a National Action Plan on the Elimination of Child Labor in Uganda 2021-25 in which he noted the concerns regarding the National Social Security Fund bill. “On this (NSSF Bill) I have asked for further discussions with workers’ representatives for a better decision” he stated.

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