Why do Africans still hold “white wedding” whilst Western-Europeans do not value our traditional marriage?

Marriage is a very important aspect of human life cycle and a vital component that resonates with the core of every human society and is well respected across cultures, especially within the African cultural context.

The mode of operation of the whole marriage ceremony has basically been one that reflects the values of the cultural setting within which the practice is held. The pre-colonial practice of marriage on the continent of Africa has been documented to have followed purely traditional trajectories.

The advent of colonialism, coupled with post-colonial tenets such as globalization and their resultant effects of assimilation, cultural imperialism, false indoctrination, mass manipulation among many others has seen the African adopting alien practices that threatens the indigenous ones of which marriage is inclusive.

可能是 2 個人、大家站著和鞋類的圖像
Randel Nozinga in Traditional wedding clothes.

For some reason, the typical African has been successfully socialized to accept that, traditional marriage is a subordinate, at worst perceived as inferior to the so-called Western-European “white wedding” to an extent that it is gradually becoming a taboo to hold a marriage in some African societies without the inclusion of “white wedding.”

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Traditional marriage has lost its true value through its consistent association with a sense of inferiority by cultural imperialist aided by ourselves. Today’s African couple is stigmatized in some societies with the marriage seen as incomplete if such is a ‘mere’ traditional one.

What beats logic is the fact that the Western-Europeans who packaged and sold this type of marriage to us and persuaded us into adopting it do not in any way practice our traditional way of marriage, neither do they prioritize it over theirs as we do here in African.

The big question is: if these people do not see any value in our indigenous form or type of marriage, why do Africans think it is ideal or necessary to have a white wedding, even to the extent of giving it priority over our own?

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