Why is WHO and the media defaming Madagascar’s traditional medicine without any scientific assessment?

The Media and the World Health Organization have since been accomplices to the establishment that promotes both white supremacy and black inferiority. The warlords have started striking already. They have finally decided to join the conversation regarding COVID-ORGANICS, the Madagascan traditional medicine for coronavirus, and the result and impression came out as expected. NEGATIVE.

What is the big deal if an African country discovers a possible cure for COVID-19? After all, the defiance of this deadly virus demands that everybody remains in their respective countries, use what is available to them to solve their own problems. Madagascan resorted to herbal remedy because that is where their strength lies and they produced a result.

The citizens of Madagascar are willing to be used to test what belongs to them. In fact, they have started administrating it to COVID-19 patients with results available for assessment. Madagascans are not demanding you to test their medicine in the West as you mostly use black people as human Guinea pigs to test vaccines in blatant disregard for human rights.

Madagascar : lancement d'un remède contre le coronavirus dénommé ...
Madagascar’s traditional medicine (COVID-ORGANICS)

What then is the big deal? Why is the media attacking? Why is the World Health Organization giving a verdict on traditional medicine (COVID-ORGANICS) without any scientific assessment? Is the discovery a blow to supremacy? Did it expose the supposed superpower wand Or it is a threat to a hidden money-making machination?

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From the archaic brutish gun and chain approach of colonialism, we have been socialized to accept debt traps, psychological warfare paraded through the media and institutional slavery as new forms of imperialism.

The time when the true sons and daughters of Africa will arise and tear down the establishment is closer than expected. That time when the typical African will say to you that: take your vaccine and let’s take our herbal medicine is just around the corner. It is a matter of time!

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