Why Kenya’s Deputy President prevented from traveling to Uganda

Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto was prevented from flying to Uganda after his arrival at Wilson airport in Nairobi. The man tipped by Kenyans for the Presidency in the 2022 election considers the incident a deliberate attempt to humiliate him.

“I have been stopped from flying to Uganda because the system believes only the children of the rich and famous can fly to foreign countries and dine with Presidents. But we have God and we will overcome.” Williams said in reference to Monday’s occurrence.

He added further that, “I am putting the tribalists and dynasties on notice that our patience has run out and we will not take any more humiliation. Let them face me openly instead of hiding behind their lowly serfs in the civil service.”
Despite claims by the politician and his followers that the restriction was politically motivated, local media cited clearance issues and an alleged relation with a Turkish Businessman as possible reasons.

The Turkish businessman, Harun Aydin who was linked to “Caliph of the Cologne” a militant group based in Germany was alleged to be one of the passengers traveling with Ruto on what would have been his second trip to Uganda in one month.

The Deputy President however has a longstanding relationship with Uganda’s strongman, Yoweri Museveni. Prior to the 2015 elections, Ruto was in Kapchorwa, located at the Eastern part of Uganda to campaign for Museveni. The two have since maintained their relationships till date.

Even though he remained silent about the main reason for his trip to Uganda, many believe Ruto who is at loggerheads with his former boss, Uhuru was only preparing for a possible support from his “friend” who is Uganda’s long-serving president come 2022.

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