Why promising African opposition leaders must be vigilant of conditional external support

The history of political support by external forces in Africa has taught us a lot of lessons that we must pay particular attention to. 

It is a known fact that outside forces mostly support African leaders based on where their interest stands the best chance of being met. Usually, these forces support opposition leaders for few reasons. 

Being an opposition leader in Africa comes with some level of desperation and extra responsibility, especially when you contest against a power-drunk long-serving president. Lost in this desperation, these leaders who may have good motives become susceptible to signing damaging agreements with external forces in exchange for support.  

In many cases, these forces befriend and render support for opposition leaders not for the interest of the people as the manifest impression looks but with the hope that once elected, they will have the freedom to promote their selfish agenda in these countries at the detriment of the development of the people, their economy, social structure among others. 

Coming up, many of these young energetic leaders appear as the hope for their people but historical experience has proven that many current or past African leaders who were once viewed as redeemers turned out to be total disappointment to their people but remained committed to those outside forces due to these “behind the scene agreements.” 

A perfect example of this is Yoweri Museveni of Uganda who received full support from many western governments during his struggle for power, to whom he remained committed whilst the people struggle. Alpha Conde, Ouattara, Mobutu Sese Seko and many more are all victims of the same scheme, mostly targeted at compromising the resources of these countries. 

For promising opposition African leaders with potentials to achieve great feats and drive real development to change the conditions of their people, they must be very vigilant of external political manipulations through selfish schemes and generation crippling agreements.

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