Why return artifacts, sculptures, but not the looted gold, diamonds and other resources?

The admission of outright theft of over 500 historical objects including 440 bronzes by the British and the commitment to repatriate such to Nigeria has triggered a whole different conversation.

Africans worldwide have shared their views on the development; whilst some called on Berlin to include the revenue generated by those objects from the time they were stolen till the time they are returned to Nigeria, others took their argument from the ‘reparation’ perspective.

The dominant pattern from the ongoing conversation as so far monitored by EyeGambia’s research team suggests that, the British must look beyond just the stolen historical objects if it indeed intends to appease Africa.

The colonial past of the British power saw the heartless looting of wealthy resources such as Gold, Diamonds, Bauxite, timber among many others, including human beings from the African continent under horrible conditions.

This irrefutably relegated the continent, many centuries behind the race of development and also contributed immensely to the state of the continent today which they pretend to be assisting through neocolonial schemes called ‘foreign aid’

According to many of these Africans, British and other countries who played a role in the atrocious colonial history must draft a comprehensive plan for reparations and also repatriate these wealth of minerals back to Africa and not just diverting attention always to historical objects.

Have you followed the conversations so far on the decision taken by the University of Aberdeen to return Benin Bronze, which was part of the numerous historical objects looted by the then British power back to Nigeria? What is your view on this?

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