Will French ally, President Alassane Ouattata hand over Blaise Compaore to Burkina Faso?

News about the life imprisonment judgement passed by the military tribunal in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso triggers conversations regarding the faint probability of Alassane Ouattara respecting a warrant to extradite the former president to serve his jail term.  

The breeding concerns are based on past experiences from the various strategies the former president used to frustrate attempts to hold him responsible for the murder of Thomas Sankara in 1987. After taking over from Sankara, Blaise Campaore implored several means to prevent requests to open investigations into the case during his 27 years leadership.

The frustration continued after he was forced out of office. Campaore fled to Ivory Coast after a popular uprising toppled his administration in 2013. After landing in the country, he quickly acquired a citizenship to help him escape extradition. The citizenship order was signed by President Alassane Ouattara in November 2014.

As expected, the Ivorian state in 2015 refused to release Campaore after an international arrest warrant was issued by a military court in Burkina Faso. The then government spokesman, Bruno Kone said “the government has been notified. We have nothing official and no comment to make.” Till date, the extradition was not effected.

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The recent judgement which sentenced Campaore, his former head of security, Hyacinthe Kafando and one General Gilbert Diendéré who was a military commander during the coup to life imprisonment remains wavy.

Do you think Alassane Ouatarra, a French ally will respect another warrant to extradite his friend, Blaise Campaore to Burkina Faso?

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