Without Unity, Small Europe Couldn’t have Colonized Africa

Still cannot understand how this little continent with a smaller population than ours, colonized mother Africa and enslaved our great grandparents?

You are not alone; many peoples, including the colonizers themselves, are wondering how was it done so perfect?

Even today, we have still not been able to free ourselves. They continue to interfere in our affairs and control us from the top as if we are nothing more than their properties, a very evident is how the French continue to manipulate West African countries.

But how difficult to think about this? “The mind is the standard of the man.” The aid and grants from the Europeans and Americans have buried our potential, and now we think we can’t live without their aid.
The Chinese of today also seem so determined to bury that potential so deep that we can never regain hope of unburying it.

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Real size of Africa compared to other countries | Africa map ...
Real size of Africa compared to other countries

I do not think any of these people have done anything wrong by taking advantage of Africa (maybe, morally, they are wrong). Yes, they did what they consider as good and of interest to their societies and their future generations. It is our duty, herein, to recognize that our interests are our lone duty and not a shared responsibility for the entire humanity.

Yes, time has told that men are masters of their own destiny. No country outside Africa would wish to see Africa develop; after all, no reasonable human beings will expect a package of development from those who benefit from their underdevelopment.

They devise means on how to use us and our resources to develop their homes while keeping us in mental slavery and yearning for more help.

If they wish to see us up, they wouldn’t have put us down in the first place.

We must rise up and be masters of our own destiny. There is no need to talk plenty, little is enough if it contains wisdom.

But, more above all, remember that Europe stopped fighting among themselves the moment they recognize the vast wealth of African. Unity above all, and if we fail to unit and work together for our common interests, then we shall all become useless Ancestors in the eyes of our next generations.

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