Wole Soyinka: Nigerian Govt Should Punish Religious Leaders Who Defy Order Against Public Gathering

The much-celebrated Nigerian Nobelist and author, Wole Soyinka has strongly criticized the Central Government of Nigeria in the manner in which it’s handling the COVID 19 pandemic and religious leaders for disregarding all preventive measures suggested by the government against public gathering.

Nigeria recorded 46 cases of COVID 19 since the outbreak.

In an interview with the BBC, the 85-year-old author, who is currently in self-isolation, lashed on the Nigeria Government for being too soft on religious leaders, who are acting indifferent towards the virus.
The Buhari led administration issued directives against public gathering of all forms but religious leaders have paid less or no attention to this preventive measure.

Mosques and Churches congregations continue with thousand in attendance.
The author, who is wildly described as an atheist, frowns at the conduct of the religious leaders. He blames the govt for massaging the muscles of the religious leaders for political reasons.

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Speaking to BBC’s Charles Mgbolu, Wole Soyinka said “They [religious leaders] have been treated with kid-glove for too long… I think there’s too much political correctness going on.”

He argued that these religious leaders should be punished for defying government orders.
“What the govt should do in such instances is to take note of these contraveners of common sense and ensure that they’re punished after this crisis is over or at some point or the other”
He continued to argue that religious leaders should understand the realities of the pandemic and the changing times.

“We have to take on churches and mosques, religions of any kind including traditional religions that misbehave and let them understand that they’re living in very different times than that of their imagination”
Religious leaders in Africa must populated country still hold very strong influence on the governance structure of the country.

If the social distancing precautions recommended by WHO and Order by the Central Government in Nigeria aren’t observed, the likelihood of the virus to infect more people is extremely high.

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