Zambia offers to help Nigeria fight insecurity

Authorities from Zambia have offered to help Nigeria in its fight against insecurity; This was revealed by the Zambian envoy during a press conference organized by the Seventh Day Adventist Church themed Hope in troubled times.

“Zambia cannot stand idle and watch our brothers and sisters in Nigeria being faced with acts of terrorism. You must be aware that the Zambian government has a new leader. This government has come up with a new approach. As small as Zambian is, we have a beautiful training programme.” The Zambian High Commissioner said.

The envoy based the decision to help Nigeria on the country’s previous history of extending helping hands to South Africa when they most needed it.

“If you remember at the time of fighting for the liberation of South Africa, Nigeria joined the Southern African countries and they became one of the five frontline states in enhancing a peaceful coexistence in South Africa. It is for this reason that the Seventh-Day Adventist Church has come up with a brilliant method of enhancing peace and to this effect, Zambia would want to identify itself with the Adventist church because of our brothers and sisters in Nigeria who are grappling with insecurity.” The envoy revealed.

The High commissioner also stressed on the importance of peace in any country as no strategic development can be achieved without the presence of peace. This also led to stating that the government of Zambia would not mind extending her security intelligence to Nigeria in any area where their help is needed in order to curb insecurity.

With the new leadership of Zambia, there might be a new approach concerning training programs on security. The training program has seemed to attract other African countries and even India who are training to fight the menace of insurgency and terrorism.

Speaking on comparative advantage on which the two nations can lean on to make the fight feasible, he made mention that Zambia has areas that Nigeria might benefit from while Zambia can equally benefit from areas like fighting fraud and investigation which Nigeria has a greater advantage. The synergy between these two African countries, if well utilized can yield a fruitful result in the fight against insurgency and terrorism

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