Zambian Mayor shuts down Chinese restaurant for discriminating against citizens

A Chinese Restaurant named Latian Restaurant located in Longacres has been closed after reports emerged that the said restaurant was only allowing Chinese citizens in Zambia entry into the facility and denying Zambians from accessing it.

The news which went viral attracted the attention of the Zambian authorities. The Mayor for Lusaka, Miles Sampa together with the Director of Health, Edgar Mulwanda, shut down down the restaurant indefinitely.

According to the Mayor’s statement after the closure, the restaurant abrogated laws under the food and health Act, ranging from the selling products labeled in Chinese and not English as the law prescribes, trading without a license from LLC well as operating with expired fire certificate.

The Mayor added that apartheid finished a long time ago in Lusaka after Zambia gained independence. He further urged all residents of Lusaka to report businesses engaging in such practices to be sanctioned.

However, this reactionary action raised lots of questions: how long has the restaurant operated without the required documents? Why does it have to take the recent discrimination for the authorities to do the needful? How many foreign companies are engaging in such acts in the country?

The Zambian authorities must be proactive in dealing with these illegal acts rather than waiting for offensive and trendy occurrences to take action.

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