Zambians oppose the establishment of a US Military Base in the country

Zambians have formed an organized front against a plan by the United States to establish a military base in the country. The group championing the campaign has released a statement demanding to know whether Zambia can equally by permitted to establish a military base or security post in the United States.

Citizen movements movements have also questioned the president, Hakainde Hichilema for his supposed leading role in facilitating the deal. “Can Zambia be allowed to set a military base or a military command centre in America?”

“What constitutional authority does Mr. Hichilema have to permit a foreign army to establish a military base or a military command centre on Zambian soil? Why were the Zambian people not consulted before such a monumental decision with far-reaching consequences was made?” the group asked.

They also relay the fear of inheriting the enemies of the United States if they accepted a deal of such nature since Zambia may become a target.

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“America is at war with several nations and allowing them to set up a military base here in Zambia directly puts Zambia in harm’s way with all those fighting with America,” they added.

The group has tabled some demands including full disclosure of the content of the deal by the government and a call for the immediate cancellation of the agreement.

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