Zambia’s first President, Kenneth Kaunda has died at age 97

Kaunda, who played a significant role in the country’s independence struggle, was admitted to a hospital in Lusaka on Monday. His cause of death was rumored to be covid- 19 but aides close to him said he died from pneumonia.

Mr. Kaunda was a key member in what was known in the 1950s as Northern Rhodesia’s independence movement. He became Zambia’s First president shortly after the country’s independence victory in 1964.

Kenneth Kaunda was a leader of his United National Independence Party (UNIP). He led the country through years of one-party rule until he lost a multi-party election and stepped down in 1991.

Kenneth Kaunda, affectionately known as KK was a strong voice during the fight against apartheid in South Africa. He also led several liberation movements in Mozambique and Zimbabwe respectively.

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Mr. Kaunda’s son, Kambarage wrote on his Facebook wall, “I am sad to inform you that we have lost Mzee. Let’s pray for him.”

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