Zimbabwean government threaten to repatriate US ambassador

The ruling Zanu Party of the Republic of Zimbabwe has referred to the United State’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nicholas as a diplomatic “Thug” in a recent address with reporters in the country.

The incumbent government believes the US ambassador is in a way supporting the opposition party and is behind plots to remove the President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s led government from power.

The ruling party’s spokesman, Patrick Chinamasa, accused the ambassador of engaging in unacceptable anti-government actions which threatens peace and security in the country. He stated that “He (Nichols) continues to engage in acts of undermining this republic”.

Patrick further added that the government could possibly repatriate the ambassador. “if he continues engaging in acts of mobilizing and funding disturbances, coordinating violence and training insurgents, our leadership will not hesitate to give him marching orders.” he said to reporters.

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According to the ruling party, the ambassador’s behavior is undiplomatic. “Diplomats should not behave like thugs, and Brian Nichols is a thug”, the spokesman added.

Zimbabwe has been experiencing political tensions following calls by activists on the government to fight corruption and deal with economic crisis in the country. The main opposition party has since been fronting this fierce criticism with July 31 set for protest against the government.

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