Zimbabwean innovator develops cordless television, says “that’s where the world is going now”

A popular Zimbabwean innovator, Maxwell Chikumbutso has taken few steps into the future of technology as he builds cordless television with extra capacity to power 2 x 100W bulbs to light rooms in areas where there is no electricity. The innovation has been seen as inclusive as it ropes in the needs of rural folks without access to main electricity grid.

“It is now possible for many people to enjoy watching TV whilst they are off-grid…Goodbye to electric wired home appliances. Welcome to the future with the world’s first Free Energy powered TV… The dawn of wireless self-powered gadgets is here!” were some of the exciting words from the innovator as he sounds futuristic with his breakthrough discovery.

Speaking on how such television is built and the source of its power, Maxwell said he develops a self-powered device named MSED and embed it in the TV sets. “This TV gets its power from RF through a device called MSED. Its self-powered and the TV uses green energy harnessed from RF using an electronic device we developed MSED. That’s where the world is going now. Free energy and self-powered wireless gadgets.” He said.

Maxwell who is well known for His innovations such as a helicopter, electric cars, green power generating machines and drones that are now in use in South Africa added that, “It (the tv) has no cables connected to it. It is self-powered. When you look at the rear end of the TV instead of the glossy front, what’s notable is that it doesn’t have any cables connected to it.”

The innovator equally made another breakthrough revelation that, the technology will be extended to smartphones, laptops, fridges, among other devices with long electronic power cables. “Right now we are miniaturizing the MSED to be smaller so that we can integrate it in cell phones, computers, laptops and decoders. It will be inside those devices now. Technology is moving to cordless electronic devices. That’s where we are going. This year we are moving and nothing will stop us,” Maxwell said.

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