Zimbabwe’s President blast Trump, calls for an end to sanctions

The President of Zimbabwe, Emerson Mnangagwa has blasted the outgoing US President, Donald Trump and also called for an end to sanctions imposed on his country by the US as extended by the Trump administration.

According to him, the violent invasion of the capitol by pro-trump protesters to distract an ongoing Electoral College voting purported to affirm the victory of elected officials is enough proof that, American is complicit of same thing Zimbabwe was sanctioned for.

He stated that “Last year, President Trump extended painful economic sanctions placed on Zimbabwe, citing concerns about Zimbabwe’s democracy. Yesterday’s events showed that the U.S. has no moral right to punish another nation under the guise of upholding democracy. These sanctions must end.”

It is a known fact that, the Trump administration has extended sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by stating that, “the actions and policies of these persons continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the foreign policy of the United States.” 

However, Deputy Information Minister Doctor Energy Mutodi earlier referred to the sanctions as illegal; he stated that, “we are disputing these sanctions as illegal and unwarranted because this is a bilateral issue between Zimbabwe and Britain which was escalated to the EU, which was escalated to the United States of America.

He added further that, “these sanctions we are saying as government, they need to be removed without any conditions, because we know where they are coming from, they are coming from the exercise of our land reform which we carried out to fulfill the interest of the electorate, the people who vote for us.”

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